Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some recent crafty projects

A few crafty projects I've been working on this year...

I've started working my way through a new Amy Butler book - I couldn't resist this piggie bib pattern, it was incredibly simple to make!

I'd seen these online and decided to give it a go for myself, with a matching rattle toy

More Amy Butler - this time some little denim booties. Again, so simple! (once I finally deciphered the pattern)

I made one of these knitted horses a couple of years ago (it was my first ever knitted softie) and fell in love with the pattern - decided to give it another go!

Another 'taggie' blanket - they are so easy to make, it's addictive!

I've got sewing fever at the moment - but alas, no sewing machine :-( Luggage restrictions in the car when we moved to Switzerland this week meant I had to sacrifice something and the sewing machine stayed at home. That's ok though - I'm quite keen to get back into my knitting again!!!! More to come!!!!

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