Monday, March 7, 2011


So last weekend was the start of 'carnival' here in Switzerland - the time of year when the Swiss let loose & celebrate! I wasn't quite sure what to expect other then the fact that we would likely be the only people in the country not in costume. Every town & village has some sort of festivities going on so on Saturday we headed off to nearby Sion to see what was going on. I must say, Sion is by far the nicest town we've visited in this trip - if only I'd known, I would've looked for a place to live there and might have a rather different opinion of quiet Valais! There was plenty of nice shopping, restaurants, pretty buildings (soooooo different to Martigny which resembles an Eastern European cement block), cobbled streets and it felt like it had a bit more life to it - it was rather uplifting to visit even if we were only there for such a short time.

Anyway, as I was expecting there were heaps of people in random costumes and before long, it was time for the main parade to start. The parade basically consisted of confetti canons off trucks (shooting loads of confetti onto everyone - quite pretty) and lots of guggenmusic (Swiss marching bands who all dress in weird matching costumes) and small children setting off firecrackers under our feet (my friend actually got burnt on the back of her leg). The combination of the crowds, the noise and the firecrackers soon led me to not feel so good and I started to feel the good old warning signs that I was going to faint - luckily I pushed my way out of the crowds and made it down onto the pavement without fainting. I felt so woozy and sick and it was not a fun experience sitting on icy cold cement with more kids setting firecrackers off right in front of me so once I could stand, Mitch and I sat in an outdoors cafe and watched the parade from a distance (and all the crazy kids setting off firecrackers & throwing them at each other & annoying old people with silly string). I just wasn't feeling great after that experience so we sadly decided to call it a day and have a quiet night at home rather then braving more guggenmusic for the night. But anyway, our brief experience of Swiss carnival was interesting and I'm still finding bits of confetti everywhere - here's a few snaps from the day!


  1. Hey Lu,
    I hope you are feeling better now.
    That's some far out costumes. When I was in Switzerland I went to a cheese festival and it really seemed incredibly dedicated to cheese (intensely...).
    I just had 5 days off work and totally enjoyed them, got to do some good relaxing :-)

  2. Thanks Selina, I'm feeling much better now :-) That's great you had a nice break from work, not long now til the Easter break as well! We actually went to a Swiss cheese factory on the weekend - nothing quite like a cheese carnival but wow, they do love their cheese here. I can see why - it's pretty yummy! :-)


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