Thursday, March 3, 2011

For the Dad-to-be...

For the Dad-to-be that is nearly impossible to buy presents for.....

Today is Mitch's birthday and although he told me not to buy him anything (skiing was his 'present' apparently), I couldn't help myself and put together this little kit for him - the 'Dad-to-be toolkit'. It was much to his surprise (he's a boy and totally didn't click when I lugged home a gigantic Manor bag on the weekend and never unpacked it) and we both got a bit of a laugh out of it this morning!!!!! I have to say though, I had a moment with the newborn nappies - tell me, are babies REALLY that small?!?!?!?! Happy birthday to my Mitch :-)


  1. These is so adorable Luana! Not to mention practical. You should start a business!

  2. Thanks Tiffany! It was heaps of fun to put it all together and the best part is that he will actually get some use out of it! :-)


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