Tuesday, March 29, 2011

La petite bump - 20 weeks

Somehow, I've reached the half way point already - 20 weeks pregnant today!!!!!!!!! The months have absolutely flown by and I have this feeling that the next few are going to go by even more quickly - it's going to be another busy summer this year but I can't wait!

Since my last post, my little bump (which I thought was big then but seems like nothing now!) has expanded rapidly and is now unmissable - I don't feel like such an imposter going into baby stores anymore! I've been taking weekly photos for my own amusement (they don't always turn out great - please excuse my not-prepared-for-timer-going-off 20 week shot as quite frankly, I couldn't be bothered to re-take it!), here's how my little belly has popped lately...

It's been an interesting journey so far being pregnant in 2 foreign countries - I found it especially difficult in Switzerland with eating out as food choices were so limited at restaurants, but I have to say, my limited experience of the health care there was a good one. I only had 1 check up while we were away (mostly just to test my blood pressure which had been worryingly high) and found the doctor to be really excellent - I got an appointment quickly, they were relatively on time, spoke excellent English and the doctor was really thorough. It was a relief having this appointment as we found out my BP had dropped significantly - it just goes to show what a low sodium diet can do, it appeared to have made a world of difference. Now I just need to keep it that way!!!!

It's such a relief being home as it feels like we can now really start getting prepared for the arrival of our little one. We've got a few appointments coming up, including the BIG one - the 20 week echo (which I'm having done a little late as I couldn't get an appointment this week). Yes, we are finding out what we're having - we are both really curious and want to know already!!!!!! But the plan is to keep it to ourselves :-) We also start the first session of the antenatal course this weekend which should be interesting... I'm a bit nervous but really looking forward to it. And to celebrate being home, we made the most of the spring sales last weekend and went a bit nuts at the baby store - came home with a matching cot & change table and a... PRAM!!! A Maclaren one of course - much to the amusement of the staff at the baby store upon seeing our surname on the furniture picking slip... :-)

I've also come to the conclusion in recent weeks that Stroopy may have a future as a kick boxer - he/she started pummeling away at about 18 weeks (although I had been feeling those 'flutters' for a few weeks already) and lets just say, those first real kicks were unmistakable... Mitch has even been able to feel them! Along with Stroopy's head - now that is a weird feeling and sight... I (gently) poked and prodded though until he/she moved back into a more comfy position :P

I'm so happy to be home and loving that everything is all coming together - I'm starting to feel a bit more organised. Stroopy, I can't wait to meet you :-) 


  1. You have such a cute bump Lu!! It's good to hear you are enjoying Flatland again, and especially the shopping. Baby shopping is always so much fun, there are so many cute things out there.
    When my sister was pregnant with twins, by the end of the pregnancy we could all watch as the babies moved about, there just wasn't any spare room inside, it was really fascinating.
    Have a lovely week,

  2. Thanks Selina :-) I am so loving the baby shopping - I did some more yesterday but managed to contain myself (until we know what we're having)... Wow, it would've been really strange seeing 2 babies moving around, I am finding just the one really unusual and could hardly imagine 2 in there!!! Hope you're having a great week :-) xo


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