Monday, March 21, 2011

Lac Souterrain de St-Leonard - the largest underground lake in Europe

Last weekend was our final one in our 2 month Swiss trip. It was rainy and overcast up here on the mountain on Saturday (which happened to be a public holiday) but we headed towards nearby Sion/Sierre where the sun was shining - only to go underground...

We visited the largest underground lake in Europe which although we'd been planning on going there a few weeks earlier, it had funnily enough only just opened up on Saturday. Basically, to see the lake you pay the entrance fee which gives you a guided tour by rowboat. The tour took about 30mins which felt like a loooong time seeing as the lake was only a couple hundred metres long - but still, it was nice to sit and look through the crystal clear water, check out the giant trout and get sneezed on by people who don't know to cover their mouths (luckily I already have a shocking head cold)....

The day was topped off nicely though with what would have to be the best meal we've eaten in Switzerland - a yummy Italian meal at a recommended restaurant in Sierre. We've had a pretty bad run with eating out here (total opposite to our experience in 2007!) so it was nice to finish the trip off with a decent meal :-)

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