Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Switzerland - the final countdown

Somehow, we have made it to our final week in not-so-flatland... I must admit, the last 8 weeks have absolutely flown by, although it hasn't been easy. It's been an interesting time here in the land of mountains and it has certainly made me appreciate Holland more then ever. It's not that I don't like Switzerland - truly, I do like it - but I like it as a holiday destination, not as somewhere to live. When Mitch and I traveled through Switzerland in 2007, we had the most fantastic time and so I think that our expectations of what life here would be like were wayyyy too high (especially when it comes to food!!!!!). Holidaying in a country is such a different experience to living in it (and we didn't even have to go through residency processes etc) and although the last couple of months have been really tough emotionally, I'll still enjoy holidaying here.

Switzerland is a beautiful country, that's for sure - nothing can quite compare to the snow covered alps, mountainside chalet villages, pretty lakes and... more mountains! But if I'm going to be completely honest - I've really struggled these past 2 months with life in general here. I have felt so isolated in this part of Valais, stuck in between the steep mountains (it almost feels suffocating at times - it's amazing the difference as soon as you drive somewhere such as Sion - the mountains don't feel so enclosing) and where the nearby towns are downright depressing and look like they should be in Eastern Europe, not in a wealthy country like Switzerland. It's also very, very quiet here and there isn't much to do, shops shut super early and I miss there being 'life' around. It also hasn't helped with the actual location of the apartment we've been renting - up high on the mountainside, it affords spectacular views but doesn't help with the isolation factor. It's no secret that I've found it really tough living here and I can't wait to go home. It also hasn't helped that I've been sick twice since being here - once with the most shocking gastro bug and now with a horrible head cold that seems to be getting worse, not better. Mind you, it hasn't been all bad. I have enjoyed seeing new places and lots of scenic drives and I will miss hanging out with our Aussie friends - especially 'Citron Tart Day' :-)

Switzerland, it's nothing personal - you are a beautiful country but I'm afraid life here just isn't for me. It's been a trying time but thankfully it's nearly over. It's time to return to the country of miserable weather & bikes - Flatland, I can't wait to see you :-)

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