Thursday, March 17, 2011

When I don't have access to my sewing machine...

When I don't have access to my sewing machine - I knit!!!!! Over the past couple of months I've missed my machine - but I've had fun knitting up various little items for the baby and have even had my first go at stenciling & painting some little onesies :-)

Some knitted beanie & bootie sets. It's hard finding nice unisex colours to knit things in so I have a feeling Stroopy will have a lot of orange!

My first and last attempt at a baby blanket - it took me MONTHS!!!!!

My first attempt at a knitted cardigan. Now I'm knitting up some chunky orange booties to match!

More beanie & bootie sets (you can tell who took the first photos & who took these - my & me little camera just don't compare!)

The fishy onesie is my second attempt at using contact to make a stencil for painting onto fabric. It was so simple and I think this technique could get addictive!

My first painted onesie

And the back !
I have one plain white onesie left to paint before we go home - hmmmm, what to stencil next????


  1. Hey Lu,
    They are so cute, you must have been busy knitting all of those. The stencilling is great, I really like the duckies.
    Enjoy your last weekend in Switzerland, the chocolate factory sounds divine.....I could do with some Swiss chocolate right about now...You'll have to eat some for me while your still there!!

  2. Thanks Selina :-) I have been doing sooo much knitting this past 2 months, there isn't much to do up here in the mountain but knit and admire the view! I am excited it's our last weekend - off to an 'underground lake' tomorrow which sounds interesting. I will definitely eat some chocolate for you, I'm thinking I will have to stock up on some to take home to Holland, it's soooo good! Have a great weekend xo

  3. Those are adorable! Great use of colour!


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