Saturday, April 30, 2011

De fiets / the bike - Part 5 (farewell old friend)

I need to take a moment to say farewell to my trusty green Gazelle :-)

We've been through many adventures together over the last year - from biking along the dijk a million times...

To riding through forests and cities...

Transporting a variety of tricky goods (if only I could count the number of things I've strapped to the back of my bike!!!) - including a wii and cheesecake fresh out of the oven...

And even narrowly avoiding a thieving incident...

But, it's time to say goodbye to my old friend - not because my fiets went missing (as many bikes do over here!) but because it was time for an upgrade (we've taken out insurance on these bikes, it's just too risky over here not to!). To cut a long story short: Mitch gets 8 weeks of holidays per year here (crazy huh - we actually thought it was a typo the first time we saw his contract!!!!) and if he doesn't use them, he loses them. He had the option of trading in some hours for a brand new bike which we decided was definitely worthwhile - there was no way he could use up all his holidays between now and next April, even with bub on the way... So, Mitch upgrading his bike = Lu upgrading her bike too :-) We've been looking into international moving options and the plan is to ship our bikes back when we move to Australia next year - the ultimate Dutch souvenir.

We've been doing some research and test driving and got a great deal on 2 new Gazelles at a local fietsenwinkel today - meet Gigi, my pretty blue Gazelle! It's a bike like driving a 4WD in comparison to my current bike and I think it'll take some getting used to the handlebars and weight in the basket so until then, I won't be pulling up too close to anyone at traffic lights hehe....

I can see there are lots of adventures with our new wheels in the land of bikes - now all we need is a fietskar for Stroopy!!!!!


  1. Nice wheels! Are you going to be keeping her downstairs chained to the fence or upstairs? I'm guessing downstairs since I can't imagine a pregnant Lu (come to think of it, any Lu) carrying Gigi up the stairs everyday.. :P Can't wait to meet her.

  2. You know me - if getting a new bike meant having the tackle the stairs, I would have left her in the shop :P She's up here at the moment but that was while we were sorting out insurance - now she's fully insured, it'll be back down to the fence with a chain :-) I must admit I've been wheeling her around the lounge, ringing the bell and practicing putting the stand up and down - it's a double stand and reallyyyyyy hard to use!!!!!!! Especially with a broken toe!

  3. That basket looks almost secure enough for a certain Stroopy baby. :P


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