Thursday, April 7, 2011

Making the most of the warmer weather - a visit to the Keukenhof

Spring has well and truly arrived in Holland - the days are longer (the sun isn't setting until about 8.30pm now, it's lovely!); the birds are singing; there are random patches of daffodils popping up everywhere; the local markets and supermarkets are filled with bunches of cheap, fresh tulips; the drab trees lining the streets are suddenly blooming with pink & white blossoms; and - it's oh-so-warm. Not warm by Qld standards mind you, it's still colder then a Brisbane winter, but after the bitterly cold weather of Dec - Feb, the warmer temperatures we're experiencing right now have come as a welcome relief.

Last Saturday happened to mark another year older for me and as well as some lovely presents, I got the most excellent surprise - an unusually warm 26 deg day!!!! Mitch and I decided to make the most of it and take a trip to finally visit the Keukenhof gardens. We had planned to come here last year but seeing as April was sucked into a giant black hole (poor Mitch was working 15hr days, 7 days a week thanks to the dreaded  nist evals - dreaded for all wives of researchers), we never quite made it :-(

I had read that the gardens could be quite busy on weekends and to expect a massive line up to get in... Much to my surprise, the lines were short despite the gorgeous day and we were basically straight in. I had wondered how they could justify the ticket price - because come on, it's just gardens after all... But I have to say - wow, it was worth it. The gardens were huge, thoughtfully designed and the colours were spectacular. It was a tiring day as it took us nearly 2hrs to get there and walking around the gardens in the 'heat' took it out of me (I love, love LOVE being pregnant but I have to say, I get tired so much more easily nowadays!) but I'd go back again in a heartbeat - it was magnificent :-)


  1. Hey Lu,
    The gardens look gorgous, thanks for sharing all the flower photo's. And you look gorgous too with your baby bump.
    Happy Birthday!!
    I was wondering when you said about the weather warming up how warm it was, but still colder then our winter hey.....and I was complaining this morning about it starting to get cold....
    Things here are good, work is very busy and challenging at the moment as I have some extra duties. Otherwise everything else is going along. My garden is growing nicely, I have corn cobs on the corn plants now and lots and lots of beans.
    Have a lovely day, nice to see an update,

  2. Thanks Selina :-)

    Hehe I remember what Brissie is like at this time of year... I always used to think it was cold too, after a year here now I am craving that nice mild weather!

    Hope you had a great week, sounds like your vegie garden is coming along nicely! It would be very satisfying I reckon to be able to eat what you grow yourself!

    Enjoy the weekend xo


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