Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More tulips - a tour of the Noordoostpolder bloembollenroute

Despite the vast amount & variety of tulips that we saw on Saturday, on Monday we decided to make the most of the beautiful weather and head up north to the Noordoostpolder. This area is also known for it's tulips and features the 'bloembollenroute' - another driving route amongst the tulip fields. As soon as we got off the motorway, the fields of colour appeared once again and I have to say, although we didn't take anywhere near as many photos (they all do tend to look a little the same after awhile), it was still really impressive despite what we saw a couple of days earlier. The fields here seemed to be larger and they were closer together. There were windmills everywhere (the big white modern ones) and we could see the masts of sailboats peeking over the top of the dijk.

It was another gorgeous day out which was topped off perfectly with a visit to Holland's version of Venice - more to come on that one....


  1. the flowers are amazing! itrs a pity that i wont see it anymore i will be too late for it when I come to holland(((

  2. Oh that is a shame! They were pretty spectacular, but Holland is always nice at any time of year :)

  3. Maybe we were there taking pictures on the same day? :D

  4. I think we might have been! It was the perfect time for tulip viewing - I went back to the Noordoostpolder yesterday to show a friend from Aus the tulip fields but they were basically all gone already, have to wait til next year to see them again!


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