Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Touring the 'bollenstreek'

Ever since arriving in Holland last year, Mitch and I had been dying to see some tulips - not just the bunches of flowers for sale at our local markets, but the postcard images of rows and rows of brightly coloured tulip fields... We had planned to do this last year but our first month here (tulip season) was so insanely busy with work and settling in, plus with our lack of car at that point, it never quite happened - we made up for it this year however :-)

On Saturday we drove the 'bollenstreek' - the dune & tulip region between Leiden and Haarlem. We were a bit confused as to where to go but discovered that the ANWB (basically the same as RACQ) has a great feature - driving routes downloadable for your GPS. We made use of their recommended bollenstreek route and set off early Saturday morning to Katwijk aan Zee where our tour began. It was a glorious day - the sun was shining, the weather was HOT (got up to about 28 deg!!!) and the beach was busy with people sunbathing, swimming, flying kites, riding horses and even some taking their horse & carriage out for a spin.

After enjoying the beach, we continued on our tour and the fields of spectacular colour began...

Our drive ended in Leiden which was a pretty little town. We had a short walk around the city centre and canals before heading home...

It was a beautiful day out - now I truly understand why Holland is known for its tulips...


  1. I LOVE the flower photos Lu and Mitch! I love the photos of you and stroopy too LU!! so Gorgeous and very beautiful top! Love Martine

  2. Thanks Tia! It was a beautiful spot to visit - the tulips were pretty spectacular! Love lots xo


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