Friday, April 8, 2011

A trip to the sea

There is no doubt about it - I am a summer girl. As much as I love playing in the snow and lazy winter days, I have found that I tire of it really easily - this Aussie misses this beach :-( It had been a looooong time since Mitch and I had seen the ocean, not since September last year when we were holidaying in Greece. Considering we used to head to the coast at every possible opportunity when we lived in Brisbane, this was a painfully long time for me to not be enjoying the sand, waves & sunshine. Seeing as it was such an unusually warm day on Saturday, we took a short drive through the tulip fields near Lisse before hitting the coast at Noordwijk aan Zee.

We soon realised that we were a bit early for peak tulip season - apparently the ideal time to see all the rows of colour is mid April. We did however spot lots and lots of random fields of yellow, and even some purple and red (photos snapped by me as we were whizzing past so excuse the blurriness).

Getting to the beach was such a good feeling - seeing people out and about in the sun, ice cream stalls (and herring stalls - it is Holland after all), bikes parked on the dunes, the sound of the waves, the warm sand.... It was soooooo refreshing. We had to get home for a dinner reservation that evening so only spent a short while enjoying the warmth but I can't wait to go back. Noordwijk aan Zee isn't the nicest beach I've seen in Holland but there are so many little beach resorts along the coastline, I can't wait to do some more exploring this summer!

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