Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Utrecht - I think this would have to be my favourite city in Holland...

Utrecht... The first thing that comes to mind when I think of this beautiful old Dutch city is none other then Nijntje - or Miffy as my favourite little white bunny is known in English :-) And although it is the home of Dick Brunas masterpiece, Utrecht has so much more to offer. I first visited this city in August last year with my Dad - we went to visit the son of an acquaintance of my Grandfather to gather more info on his work with the Dutch underground.

He gave us a great locals tour of the city and it really felt like the area he lived was a small, close knit community - not just the centre of a big city. It inspired me to go back again - this time only a week later with the rest of the family when we visited the Dick Bruna Huis...

And since then, I have been wanting to take Mitch to visit what has become my favourite city in the Netherlands - although every time we plan a visit, something seems to come up so we were both quite pleased to finally make it there this month. Although Utrecht is much like any other Dutch city - canals, bikes, pretty old buildings - it definitely has it's own unique charm. I love the layout of the city centre, the cute little cafes everywhere, the shopping, the hidden gardens, the architecture, the second hand shops... And of course - Miffy, even in pedestrian crossing light form!!!!

Definitely a city that we will be going back to again and again :-)


  1. Hey Lu,
    How are you? How was your Easter?
    Did you go to Utrecht for Easter? It looks like it would be a great place to add to my list of places to go to.
    How is your toe? I hope its getting better now. Do you have antenatal visits at the hospital or at a private GP?
    I am going good at the moment, I have 12 days off over Easter and just spent the long weekend at the Convention at Mt Tamborine. It was beautiful up there, I watched sunset from the mountain looking at the views on Sunday. We didn't have much rain, just a storm on Friday (which then made a big mud pit that I bogged my car in - just a tad embaressing).
    Tomorrow I am going to the Gold Coast until Saturday, I'm sooo looking forward to it. I have booked a unit on the waterfront at Surfers...
    Have a great week,

  2. Hey Selina! I'm doing really well, we had a lovely Easter - perfect weather and we spent half the long weekend relaxing at home and the other half in the car - did a few drives of the tulip routes, it was pretty spectacular. My toe is heaps better thanks, I can walk no worries which is a relief although it's still not healed so I'm still having to keep it strapped. I have all my antenatal appts at a local midwife centre - no doctors/obstetricians/hospital visits here unless medically required. It's quite a different system to Australia I think and there is a lot to learn but so far I'm really happy with the care I've received. It sounds like you had a lovely Easter, that's great you could get 12 days off. I imagine Mt Tamborine would've been beautiful at this time of year! Enjoy your break at Surfers, I hope you get some nice beach weather & a relax... Aussie beaches are the best!
    :-) Lu xo


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