Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mastering the tandem fiets

While we were camping on Texel, Mitch and I braved a tandem fiets for the very first time. For the past year, I've admired people sailing along on these bikes and wanted to try it for myself - our cycle through the forests on Texel was our first opportunity to hire one of these beauties. The hire lady seemed surprised by my bump when we picked up the bike (25 weeks at that point) but I've been keeping really active the entire pregnancy - riding my bike every day, so really, how hard could a tandem be...

Taking off for the first time was... interesting! Thankfully I was on the back so didn't have to worry about gears or steering but timing the pedaling proved challenging... Before long, I discovered that I could just stick my feet out to the side and still convince Mitch I was assisting with moving our mighty bike along ;-)

It was lovely though riding through the cool forests and spotting some local dieren along the way - including plenty more sheep and some funny hairy (Highland?) cows...

It was definitely an experience and nowhere near as comfy as my new Gazelle (or even my old one!) - I was sore for days afterwards! But one of those must-do things whilst in the Netherlands... I'm happy to have ticked this one off my list :-)


  1. Looks like fun Lu! I love that you managed to take a photo as you were riding along :)) Hope you and Mitch are well! Let's skype again soon! Love Martine

  2. Hehe I've become a pro Tia at riding and photo taking over the last year :-) We are doing really well, Mitch is in Prague this week - praying he can get home tomorrow night with the volcano situation! We're having our baby shower on Saturday which should be nice - lets definitely skype again soon :-) Love lots xo


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