Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A baby shower for baby Stroopy

Last weekend we celebrated the upcoming arrival of baby Stroopy! Although it's common in Australia, baby showers are unheard of here in Holland - no-one knew what we were talking about when we sent out the invites for our baby shower, it seems all the celebrating happens here after the baby is born and not before! Rather than having a traditional (women only, games played etc) baby shower, Mitch and I decided to hold an afternoon tea here in our home in Nijmegen. We had about 20 people come over the course of the afternoon and felt incredibly blessed to be able to celebrate with both local friends and those from afar - we were even lucky enough to have 4 Aussie friends here!

It was a lovely, relaxed afternoon with lots of yummy treats and although we were a bit sad not to have our families & friends from back home here to celebrate with us, we know you were all thinking of us - prepare yourselves for a big party when we arrive back in Australia next year!!!!


  1. Hey Lu,
    How are you? It has been good to read the updates on your blog. Your Stroopy party looks lovely, and I love the chandelier in your room too.
    You must have been very busy with all the sewing, the frilly aprons look so pretty, and all the baby clothes are totally cute.
    Today I spent a lovely afternoon with Martine, Byron and Noah. It was lovely to spend time with them all.
    Last week I went to Kingscliff for a conference, it was at a resort on the beach. It was an interesting conference and I got to spend time at the beach (which was amazingly beautiful and not too cold).
    Have a lovely week,

  2. Hey Selina! It's been a busy busy month over here - lots of sewing, cooking, baby showering and having lots of visitors which has been lovely! We are off on summer holidays tomorrow to Croatia which should be nice, although a little slow going for me as I re-broke my toe last night :( Kingscliff sounds awesome - it's so pretty down that way. There is nothing quite like an Aussie beach, that's for sure! Have a great week :-) xo Lu


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