Monday, June 13, 2011

La petite bump - 30 weeks

Third trimester already - how did I get here so quickly?!?!?!

It appears little Stroopy is not so little anymore - the kleine boef has had a bit of a growth spurt and as our latest scan showed, bub has caught up (and overtaken!) to the corresponding number of weeks - all that worry by the sonographer at the 20 week scan was for nothing it would seem, Stroopy is a perfect size and very happy and healthy apparently. We even got to have a peek at bubba in 4D recently - now that is pretty amazing to see!!!!

It's been a busy 6 weeks since I last posted - with visiting friends, a baby shower, work trips for Mitch and finally our much anticipated summer holiday in Croatia, the weeks have flown by. Unfortunately, our holiday didn't quite have the relaxing beginning I was expecting - day 2 of our holiday began with me being rushed off to Dubrovnik hospital with a Stroopy related scare :-( It's an experience I never wish to repeat and probably the most frightening morning of my life, not knowing what was happening or if our little baby was ok. The fact that Croatian etiquette doesn't allow the father-to-be into the gynecology section of the hospital (they shut the door on poor Mitch despite the fact that I was in tears and begging them to let him in) only added to the stress of the situation but thankfully, I wasn't in labour and all was well with our little bubba. I had to go back for a follow up check a few days later to make sure everything was ok and get further testing which revealed the cause of the problem, thank goodness. We still had a lovely holiday despite the stressful beginning but I must admit, I couldn't fully relax til our flight had landed safely at home with Stroopy still on the inside...

30 weeks down, 10 to go - and I intend on spending all 10 taking it easy whilst preparing for the arrival of our little boef... We are getting pretty excited here about meeting our Stroopbaby - the countdown is on!!!!


  1. Hey Lu,
    It's good to hear the baby is going well, and that your holiday ended up good too.
    Everything here is going well, I have nightshift tonight so have just baked cinnamon scrolls to take with me.
    Looking forward to seeing photo's of Croatia,

  2. Hey Selina! Yummm - homemade cinnamon scrolls are the best! Hope you're having a great week :-) Lu xo


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