Thursday, July 28, 2011

Getting in those last few dates before baby...

With only 3 weeks left until D-Day, the realisation has well and truly sunk in that this is the last time in our lives that we will truly be on our own. I don't think that parenting necessarily ends at 18 - once you have kids, you have them for life. Mitch and I love our couple time and we love getting out and about together and we're trying our best to get in those last few dates before bubba Stroopy arrives... I'm feeling a bit big and uncomfortable and going too far is out of the question, although last Friday night I did have a moment of madness and suggested to Mitch (in all seriousness) that we up and drive to Paris for the weekend. We seriously considered it for all of 5 minutes and if I wasn't 36 weeks pregnant at that point, it'd definitely be the type of thing we'd do but thankfully our logical brains kicked in and realised the timing just wasn't right.

Instead, we decided to settle on a nice little country drive into Germany. Considering the corner of the Netherlands that we live in, going to another country for the day isn't a big deal. It's easier then driving from Brisbane to NSW in fact. Germany is close enough to cycle into but Belgium, Luxembourg and France are also within reach. We have this favourite little pub just over the border in Kranenbourg that we've been to a handful of times - it's not at all classy, but the food is cheap and tasty and it's fun to sit, people watch and practice our high school German. It'd been almost 6 months since our last visit though - I'd been avoiding it because of my high blood pressure, the food is yummy but oh-so-salty. Plus, it's kinda depressing having lunch in Germany and not being able to drink the beer!!!!

The schnitzel was even better then I remembered - Lochie, these photos are for you :-) Mitch and I were thinking of our nephew while we were eating, who at the age of 9 managed to eat his way through an entire schnitzel and chips meal while us adults struggled with our same sized meals. I'm still impressed with his efforts, it's no easy feat to chomp down one of these portions! Lets just say I was waddling more then ever after lunch!

We also decided to do something that we used to do really regularly in Australia but haven't done ONCE since moving to Holland - going to the cinema!!!! Movies are played in the original language here and subtitled in Dutch (except for children's movies I believe which are dubbed) so unless we want to see a foreign film, it's easy. I didn't realise just how much I had missed our movie dates until we walked into the cinema and that all familiar smell of popcorn hit me - it'd been awhile.

I've been to the movies in a few foreign countries actually - India being the most entertaining, there is nothing quite like seeing a Bollywood film in India! The Netherlands was also an interesting experience. We actually have the choice of 3 cinemas in central Nijmegen - not bad for a small town. There isn't as much choice in actual movies as I had hoped for, but it's better then nothing. Ticket prices were surprisingly not bad - 9,25 for a regular movie and a little extra for 3D. We lined up, bought our tickets and then joined the line for the candy bar. I found it amusing that you can buy beer to take into the cinema (beer was just in the fridge with the Sprite and Coke, a strange sight!), we settled on some sweet popcorn that was surprisingly good and our all time favourite - peanut M&Ms, I don't think Mitch and I have been to a movie together without some peanut M&Ms, ever since our first date more then 10 years ago.

We doors opened for our movie and we went to go in only to be told by the ticket checker that we had the wrong tickets. Yes, we had asked for Pirates of the Caribbean and been given Harry Potter tickets :( We hadn't even looked at what was written on the tickets, just assumed we had been given the right thing. He decided that seeing as they were the same price (both 3D - not that 3D improved Pirates any, it was a pretty bad movie), we could just go through anyway rather then lining up again. So, in we went and found a seat. A few minutes later, we discovered that we really should have checked our tickets as it turned out there was allocated seating (I know they have introduced this in a lot of cinemas in Australia, but never in the ones we went to in Brisbane). A lovely Dutch couple politely told us we were in their seats but were nice enough to not make us move as it turned out they had gone through the same problem with being given the wrong tickets but had gone back and exchanged theirs - which I was quite thankful for as once I had settled in that seat, there was no way this pregnant belly was moving in a hurry.

The most bizarre thing I found about going to the movies here - they still have INTERMISSION!!!! Yes, intermission! I didn't know that still existed, but half way through the movie, it suddenly stopped, the lights switched on and everyone walked out. Mitch and I sat there wondering what was going on (until we saw the giant PAUZE displayed on the screen), it was definitely a new experience. Everyone went out and came back in with fresh snacks while we sat there wondering how long the break was going to be for.

With only a few weeks (or hopefully less!!) to go, I wonder what we will do for our next few dates. I'm thinking that another trip to the movies & dinner is sounding like a good idea!!!!


  1. Interesting, we kept hearing about intermissions during movies here, but have yet to experience it. All 3 times we've been to a movie, it's been at a Pathe location though, so perhaps they just don't do intermission.

  2. It could definitely be to do with the cinema type - we only have the JT cinemas or Lux here. You're not missing much with intermission though - it was kinda strange, I just wanted to keep watching the movie, not have a break!


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