Monday, July 11, 2011

Getting ready to meet baby Stroopy...

As much as we both love our little Dutch apartment - with it's chandeliers and gorgeous ceilings (and don't get me started on the kitchen - I'm gonna miss that kitchen!), I always knew that having a baby here would be a challenge in terms of space. Our home is only 1 bedroom, so we haven't really got the space to set up a 'nursery' as I would like it. But, considering we know our time in the Netherlands is coming to an end only 7 months after baby's arrival, there really didn't seem to be a whole lot of point in moving house. What can I say, our place is cosy - the little Stroopwafel's cot is set up in our bedroom and we've turned the sun room off our lounge room into the nursery - aka the Stroopy room.... It smells so good - the baby products sitting on the change table seem to be giving off a really nice aroma in there and I'm loving being able to make use of all the little bits and pieces I've been crafting.

Can't wait til there is a little bubba Stroopy in there :-)

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