Tuesday, July 5, 2011

La petite bump - 33 weeks

It only feels like yesterday that I last posted, yet somehow another 3 weeks has flown by!!! Not that I'm complaining at all - I'm actually feeling about ready to skip forward an entire month to August. I love being pregnant but it's just starting to get to that point where I'm really uncomfortable all the time (especially in last weeks heat wave, ugh!!!!) and I'm even finding that if I sit down on the couch, I can't get out of it again half the time... And yet, there's still 6.5 weeks to go!!!!

We are feeling really ready and excited to meet the baby Stroopwafel - who is as active as ever, forever rolling around and keeping us entertained. The 'nursery' (or little sunroom off our lounge room - I love our Dutch apartment but spare rooms are kinda lacking) is set up, hospital bag is almost packed and car seat soon to be installed. It's been a busy few weeks actually with baby related things going on - after getting the all clear from the midwife on the Croatia scare, another problem was thrown my way with my blood pressure being way too high again. This time, they were concerned about pre-eclampsia so it was off to the hospital to see the obstetrician who would determine a course of treatment and if I was allowed to continue seeing my midwife or not.

Things are done a little differently here in Holland - unless you are deemed a 'medical' pregnancy, you go to a small midwifery practice (which practice is determined by the catchment area you live in) for all your appointments and don't even have to visit a hospital until the birth - that is, if you don't go with the norm of the country and have a home birth. Thankfully, my test results from the hospital visit were all good news and I was allowed to go back to my midwife.

We also had our intake interview with the kraamzorg company recently. From what I've been told, the kraamzorg is a life saver - believe it or not, here in Holland you get a baby nurse in your home for 6hrs a day to help you out after the birth. It's so different to Australia (where you get a longer stay in hospital but are sent home to fend for yourself) and I'm already feeling extremely thankful for this system; it's going to be a huge blessing for us as not only new parents, but as expats. The interview determined that we get 6hrs a day of care over 8 days (although more can be easily requested if the midwife determines that it is necessary) whereby a trained baby nurse will be in our home to teach us how to look after baby, provide breastfeeding support, take care of me (apparently breakfast in bed is common but we'll see!), do the washing and clean the house. Although Mitch is planning on taking a few weeks off work and my sister is coming over in September to help out (which I am so, so, SO excited about!!!!), it'll be a huge help to have this professional help in the early days. And it's standard care here in the Netherlands, which I think is just fantastic!!!!

We also finally toured the birthing suites at our choice of hospital a couple of weeks ago. I have to say, I was impressed - although I could only understand about half of the presentation (which was still a LOT more then I was expecting to understand as it was entirely in Dutch), the tour itself was great and I'm glad we got to have a look around and familarise ourselves with the hospital before the big day. We didn't get to view the new birthing house unfortunately, there was only time to see one or the other but it all depends on what's available at the time as to where you end up - and apparently August is 'peak' season for babies in Holland!!!!

I have to say, I'm a little bit proud of the fact that I am still riding my bike despite the bump. I had a bit of a break after Croatia and just drove everywhere instead (very un-Dutch of me, I know) but in the last couple of weeks have picked it up again - although I'm starting to come to the conclusion that riding with a basket full of groceries is no longer such a clever idea. Anyone who has ridden my new bike knows how heavy & difficult it is to ride & steer with the basket empty, let alone full of heavy locks and shopping... Regardless, it's been nice to be out and about on my trusty fiets again although I do feel like I cop a few stares from passing motorists and other cyclists!!!!

So, it feels like we are slowly crossing things off our baby to-do list and getting organised. The next goal is to find a nice location outdoors for some more maternity shots - until the weather decides to clear up though, we've been making do and mucking around with a few more photos indoors.

33.5 weeks down, 6.5 to go - can't wait to meet you baby Stroopy :-)


  1. Hi Lu , glad to read that everything is well! although it's not the norm in Australia, midwifery care is developing more and more and it's actually so popular that it's hard to get into these programs. But I got in and if everything goes on track I should be home 6 hours after the birth and have my midfife visiting at home too :) it feels so much better than these scpalpel-obsessed private obstetricians :)
    I'm so impressed at your arrangement of your appartment! it must have been hard not to move with all these hormones telling you otherwise! we're already thinking that our 2 bedder might be too tiny for all three of us, you're now giving me some perspective ;)
    And I love the pictures, they're all so beautiful. I'm feeding them to Tom to give him some inspiration for when I'll actually look pregnant... 24 weeks and people are still seriously wondering! Good thing I can feel her move so much or I'd be wondering too ;)
    I'm so looking forward to have you back here and introduce little stroppy to little koalette :)

  2. Hey Laurianne!!!! I had just been thinking about you actually and wondering how the pregnancy was going! That's great news too that you can get the care you want - it sounds a bit more like what we have here, Aus is definitely moving up in their midwifery care. Oh I hope you don't move out of your lovely apartment - you guys could definitely fit bubba in there! It's such a nice place, it'd be a shame to leave it. Hopefully it won't be much longer before you have a nice big bump to photograph - I found mind kinda 'popped' overnight so you might be surprised at how quickly it appears. Can't wait to catch up with you guys and meet the little koalette - I'm already betting she will be a real cutie!!!


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