Friday, July 22, 2011

La petite bump - 36 weeks

Cankles - it's now gotten personal. Or rather, I should probably say 'cankle' as it seems only my right ankle has swollen up and has been looking and feeling utterly revolting, whereas my left ankle is pretty much normal. The same thing happens with my hands where my right swells a lot worse then my left (wearing my rings is now a thing of the past) so I'm thinking any photos Mitch manages to take of me from now on are going to be left side only!!!!

Really though, to have made it to 36 weeks without a single stretchmark has made me so, so, soooooooooo incredibly happy that my cankle is nothing to complain over (although I'm convinced that the stretchmarks are going to get me right at the last minute!). I'm just thankful that although it doesn't feel like summer here, it's still warm enough to wear my birkies every day (in fact, I haven't worn any other shoe since I broke my toe in APRIL!) because if it was winter, I highly doubt I could fit my right foot into a boot.

Although it's hard to tell in photos, it definitely feels like my belly has grown even more since my last post with each growth spurt seeming to happen extremely quickly. Shirts that fit me one day won't even pull down over my not-so-petite bump a few days later and I'm getting frustrated with trying to find something to wear each day. But that's just the latter part of pregnancy I suppose - it won't be too much longer til the little one is out :-)

We've been pretty lucky with how many times we've seen our little boef on the screen (12+ times so far!), although I think I would have preferred to not have the stressful circumstances that have necessitated all of the recent scans. We got another nice, long Stroopy viewing earlier this week after a persistent headache and a quick visit to the midwife revealed my blood pressure had skyrocketed - so requiring an instant visit to the obstetrician at the hospital. After more blood tests & BP monitoring, everything turned out to be ok and we got to just sit back and enjoy seeing our little bubba dancing around on the screen. Stroopy wasn't being particularly cooperative but according to the obs (and also our midwife on Wednesday), I'm not hiding a big baby in there. Stroopy is a little one apparently - but only time will tell if that's true or not!

36 weeks down, 4 to go - can't wait to meet you little boef :-)

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  1. Love it Lu! I had alot of cankles with Byrong during the Aussie summer!! Amazing how much an ankle can swell up :)) Let's skype tomorrow!! Love Martine


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