Friday, July 1, 2011

A quick stopover in Bosnia-Herzegovinia

When traveling from the north of Croatia to the south (we flew into Zadar and stayed around Dubrovnik), you are forced to cross into Bosnia-Herzegovinia. We stopped here for lunch on our first day and spent most of our short time in the country trying to figure out how to pronounce it! When planning our Croatia holiday, my friend and I had read about Mostar - a nice old Bosnian city not far out of our way, so we decided to take a slight detour and have a quick look on our way back up north at the end of the week.

I must admit, I had dozed off on the car trip between the border crossing & arriving in Mostar and awoke once we were lost in the city. The tomtom had failed us and had no city maps but we managed to find a car park close to the old city centre before long. Driving and walking into the old centre was an eye opener - many bombed and bullet ridden buildings, the effects of the war still being quite evident.

Following the signs for the Stari Most, we soon arrived in the historical centre = tourist-ville. It was a hot day and we slowly made our way through the crowds of tourists, having a walk around the old town and across the famous bridge. I was a little disappointed there were no locals doing the famous dive off the bridge into the freezing gorge below but, we did see a movie being filmed so that was something at least.

We soon settled into a restaurant for lunch overlooking the bridge - I must say (even though I know we were eating a tourist restaurant, there wasn't much other choice) Bosnian food was something of a let down. As was the ice cream - we had been going nuts for ice cream over the past week (ice creams in Croatia = cheap and tasty!!!) and I was dying for one, only to discover it was verging on revolting :-( I'm still pleased we made the effort to take a quick visit to this old city - another city ticked off my travel to-see list :-)

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