Monday, July 25, 2011

Vierdaagse 2011

Vierdaagse 2011 - our second experience of the 4 day marches and also our last. Friday was a holiday here for the big finale with most local workplaces being closed - Mitch's lab being no exception, so we spent the day in our little apartment watching the festivities from above. Amazingly, it didn't rain but it sure looked cold out there (much colder then it appears in the photos!) - I was very glad to have the perfect viewing spot that was also warm and cozy!!!!

 The day started off a lot slower then last year - granted, we did manage a huge sleep in that morning but when we got up at 9.30, there was hardly anyone out and about and the road was still open. Finally, some walkers started to appear but it wasn't until after lunchtime that it really livened up and the crowds came through. I was pleased to see the dancing policeman (and policewoman) were back this year - up on the podium all day long, dancing away as they directed traffic through!!!!

I have to say, I think the pregnancy hormones were a little out of control on Friday and so I didn't really enjoy the festivities as much as last year - the loud, blaring music was especially really getting to me. However, the clean up proved to be quite amusing!!!! When the trucks came through shortly after the walkers had finished, not only were spectators riding on the back of them, people decided to use it as an opportunity to get rid of their unwanted goods. Two couches and a bike were heaved into the back of the trucks and somehow, squashed down - it was actually really quite amusing to watch!

And now, our little town has returned to it's former quiet state. The podiums and bunting everywhere have no doubt all disappeared by now and you'd never know the festivities that took place only a matter of days ago - life goes back to normal.


  1. Hey Lu,
    How are you going? You are looking very pregnant (and beautiful).
    Sorry it has been so long since I commented. I went to the Gold Coast for a week, and totally enjoyed myself, it was lovely, even though it was too cold to swim (for me anyway). Last Thursday I had a big car accident and my car has been written off, so I'm now looking for another car (so not my favourite thing to do).
    Have a lovely day,

  2. Hey Selina, I was just talking to Martine this morning and she said you were in an accident - how scary! I'm glad to hear you are ok though, I hope the search for a new car is easy and you are feeling ok, it's not fun being in an accident. I'm doing pretty well, life feels like a bit of a waiting game at the moment as you can imagine, just taking it day by day while waiting for baby Stroopy to arrive! Take care :-) Lu


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