Monday, August 8, 2011

La petite bump - 38 weeks

I would LOVE if this were my last bump post but I have to say, I'm not feeling too hopeful. I think our little boef is feeling quite comfy in there and will be staying put til the very last minute possible. Again, the last 2 weeks have flown by but the days are tending to drag on a bit.

The bump isn't looking so petite anymore - I do feel like I'm hiding an oversized basket ball (gym ball perhaps?) under my shirt and it's resulted in quite a waddle, or so I'm told hehe. Surprisingly though, it is feeling lighter then what it was a few weeks ago. According to the midwife, little Stroopy (or not so little?!?! Only time will tell!) is head down and ready to go... And so are we - it's a real waiting game at the moment.

As I've mentioned before, part of the maternity services provided in the Netherlands includes the kraamzorg; the baby nurse who will come into our home after the birth and assist with both household duties and looking after baby. When we had our intake interview a couple of months ago, we were left with a massive list of things we needed to buy for baby (the uitzetlijst - most of which we had already purchased) and also the list of things we need for either a home birth, hospital birth by choice with our midwife, or medically required hospital birth. There was also a big green booklet of workplace health and safety related things - right down to the number of buckets, type of cleaning products and length of vacuum hose for the kraamzorg to be able to clean the house safely. The list of things for the home vs hospital birth was interesting to read - it was all in Dutch but the intake lady went through and explained it all to us. Again, it was pretty detailed (even specifying the wattage of light globe to have in our bedrooom) and we decided to be prepared for any situation - if baby comes in a hurry, we want to have everything we need. Most of these items are provided by our insurance company in the kraampakket - or what I'm terming as the DIY birth box. We received this kit back in May and it was an eye opening experience going through the contents (I quicked dubbed it the 'scary box'). Again, it's just so different to how things get done in Australia!

Part of the to-do list set out by the kraamzorg company is to raise our bed to a certain height. You have to do this regardless of whether you have a home or hospital birth - it's so the midwife doesn't have to strain his or her back attending to you during the birth and likewise for the kraamzorg in the days following the birth. I'd been told about this by a Dutch friend before and how difficult it makes it to get in and out of bed in the last few weeks of pregnancy - and the Dutch are tall by comparison! It was a requirement to have the bed raised from 37 weeks between 75-90cm mattress height. It doesn't sound like much, but raising our bed to the bare minimum height - just scraping in at 75cm and I'm struggling to get in and out of it already. Usually they recommend hiring klossen from the pharmacy to raise your bed - or even just using beer crates. However, because of our particular bed frame, neither of these methods were going to securely raise our bed to the required height so Mitch had to get inventive. After a quick trip to Gamma (the Dutch version of Bunnings) and some time spent sawing up pieces of wood, he invented a new way to raise the bed height using blocks of wood and snap ties under the slats. It worked a treat although I must say, I am SO looking forward to lowering the height again already!

For the past few weeks, we had both been wanting to get outside into the countryside and get some nice outdoors maternity shots. However, the weather in recent weeks (or months really) has been incredibly sour and it has rained every single weekend. We haven't really had a summer at all this year and it's been kinda depressing - I miss the warmth and sunshine, even a Brisbane winter is more pleasant then what we've been experiencing. But anyway - on Saturday we just decided to ignore the gloomy weather and head out to some nearby lakes for an afternoon stroll. Our stroll turned into a 4km walk - not bad for being 38 weeks pregnant I must say! Along the way, Mitch snapped a few photos of the growing bump... *fingers crossed* it will be some of the last photos of Stroopy on the inside...

I've also come to the conclusion recently that the last weeks of pregnancy are much like the first. At the moment, we are anxiously watching every little twinge and wondering if it is the real deal or not (obviously so far, it hasn't been - braxton hicks are called 'practice' contractions for a reason), not unlike those early days when we were analyzing every little symptom to see if it was a sign that I was pregnant. It feels like an age ago that we found out our little boef was on the way, yet the past 9 months have flown by. Having traveled through Holland, Switzerland, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina over my pregnancy, you could say that Stroopy is one well traveled baby - before he/she is even born. We are so looking forward to taking our little boef along with us on our adventures... Although I think it'll be a while before we venture out of the country again!

38 weeks down, hopefully only 2 more to go!!!! So excited about meeting this little bubba :-)


  1. Beautiful baby belly! All the best for the birth and beyond.


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