Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Welcome to the world Oliver

Introducing our precious little man - Oliver John...

Born 16 August 2011 at 8.25pm, weighing 3.78kg - he made his entrance into the world a whopping 68 hours after my waters broke...

Mitch and I are just so thrilled to finally have our little Stroopy here - 1 week old today and he already has us both wrapped around his cute little finger...

Thanks to all our family & friends for your thoughts & prayers - it was a tough start to the week with both Oliver and I being unwell but we are doing so much better now and happy to be settling in at home... More to come :-)


  1. he is perfect. congratulations :) All the best wishes as you adjust. does it feel weird not feeling him kick anymore?

  2. We love him Lu! Congratulations to you and Mitch!! Can't wait to see him again on skype :)) Love lots, Martine

  3. He's so gorgous Lu!
    Congratulations, and thanks for the e-mail.

  4. Thanks guys :) We are settling in well with our little man, he is such a sweetheart!!! It does feel strange not having him on the inside anymore kicking around - I much prefer him here though, his hiccups especially are SO much cuter when they aren't in my tummy!!!


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