Thursday, August 11, 2011

Your chariot awaits...

Guess what arrived on our doorstep earlier this week?!?! I had been expecting it for weeks mind you (the shop I ordered through was terrible with delivery!!!) but it was still a nice surprise to have it arrive before baby - not that I'm expecting to be back on my bike in a hurry!

Mitch pulled it out of the box and assembled it in the lounge room...

The finished product!!! Looks nice and cosy - if it didn't have a 40kg weight limit, I'd so be making Mitch tow me round for a practice ride!!!!

After putting it together, we discovered that it's so wide it can't actually fit through any of our doorways. So it had to be put back down again and away in storage until we're ready to take the little boef for a spin. The next goal is to figure out how to put the Maxi Cosi in it - this is apparently how you can use the fietskar for a baby, the capsule just straps in and away you go.

We are so looking forward to our first family ride - I have a feeling though that the Stroopy towing might be up to Mitch for awhile... The fietskar weighs nearly as much as my (heavy) bike and once we put the car seat and bubba in there, it's going to require some serious leg muscles to tow it!!!

C'mon Stroopy, we are so keen to meet you - your chariot awaits...

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