Thursday, September 1, 2011

Passport photo fun!

One of the bizarre things about having a baby in a foreign country is that our little Oliver is currently citizenship-less. He's neither a Dutch citizen, nor an Aussie (despite being born to 2 Australian citizens, you don't automatically get citizenship if you are born out of Australia!). This means that technically we can't leave the country until we get him a passport and so, we have a lot of paperwork ahead of us.

After registering his birth in the Netherlands, the first step was to apply for his Australian citizenship. Part of the application requires a passport photograph... Yes, a passport photograph of a newborn baby. Anyone who has applied for an Aussie passport before would know how strict the requirements are - trying to get a photo of a then 10 day old baby without showing your hands behind their head holding them up (afterwards we realised we should have laid him on a sheet instead), getting them to have both eyes opened and looking towards the camera and all those other fussy requirements proved to be challenging.

Poor little Ollie looked stunned in most of them...

After many takes, we finally found one that could be cropped and made to look half decent - here's hoping it gets accepted!!!!!


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