Monday, September 19, 2011

A stroll around Sonsbeek park

A couple of weeks ago, it seemed that summer had arrived a little late - it was a hot and sunny day and perfect weather for a visit to Sonsbeek park in Arnhem. Friends have told us about this lovely park and I had been wanting to visit for some time so we packed a picnic and headed off for the afternoon.

We found a nice big grassy lawn overlooking the town for our picnic...

Then took another stroll through the park...

... in search of this particular waterfall!

There are photos of my Grandparents taken in front of this exact same waterfall before they left Holland which was partly why I had been wanting to visit for so long. Sonsbeek Park was just gorgeous though, especially on a warm sunny day. I'm looking forward to more picnics there with Mr Oliver!

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  1. love love love the photos lu!! I can't wait to meet little Oliver! Great to see photos of Kim too! :) Martine


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