Monday, October 10, 2011

And we're off!!!

Finally - Oliver hit the 6 week point (well, almost 8 weeks now actually!) and so with his neck now being strong enough, we were able to take him on his very first bike ride!!! Not on our bikes of course - but in his very own little fietskar. It was a cold rainy day but good old buienradar (Mitch's favourite site - you know you've been living here too long when you obsessively watch the weather) told us that it would clear for a short time in the afternoon so we decided to make the most of it.

We rugged up Mr Oliver...

Only to have the rain re-appear :-(

After a short downpour, the blue skies returned and we were off! Or so we thought... We'd left the Maxi Cosi in the fietskar while we waited for the rain to clear. The fietskar is meant to be waterproof but when Mitch had locked the car seat to the fietskar and then to the bike, it had created a little gap in the cover - and so the car seat headrest was wet through :-( We trooped back upstairs, stuck the wet bits in the dryer and while we waited, Ollie had a much needed catnap (after deciding the night before that sleeping for 7.5hrs straight was no longer fun). 

With the car seat dry and the rain seeming far away, we then headed off on our first family ride!!!

The verdict: well, I don't think I am going to need to join the gym after all!!! The fietskar itself is 16.5kg, plus with the weight of our little boefje & the maxi cosi, it is pretty hard work to tow!!! But lots of fun - Oliver slept the entire time (only waking up once we got home and he realised we had stopped moving - then the tears began) and was nice and snug in there. After 3 months of not riding my bike, it was soooo good to be back on the road again although we were all a little exhausted aftewards...

Now that we've conquered the first ride, I can't wait to get out and about again with Mr Oliver during the week on my bike instead of the car & pram - as well as resuming our Sunday rides!


  1. wow - oliver looks like mitch in one of those photos! your bike ride looks like fun! :)

  2. I totally want one of those fietskars. Is it as good as it looks?

  3. Tia - he is a bit of a mini Mitch, some days more then others!

    Miss Neriss - It sure is!!!! I'd highly recommend one - it's hard work pedalling it cos of all the weight (and I can't park or reverse it to save my life) but you get used to it pretty quickly. Has heaps of shopping space in the back too :-)

  4. looks like a great day out! and your fietkar looks exactly like the one I've been looking for for our eight week little 'un. is there any chance you could let me know what model you went for in the end?

  5. No worries - it was this one here . I got it delivered and have found it great so far - our little boy loves being in it and with a few towels underneath, the maxi cosi straps in really well. It's a great way to get around!!!


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