Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bargain hunting

A few weeks ago now (while my sister was here), we had to go to Den Haag to apply for Oliver's passport - his passport that arrived here a little over a week after applying!!!! Seeing as Den Haag is so close to Delft, we figured it was the perfect opportunity for another visit. We've both been here a handful of times before both when we were travelling Holland a few years ago and also since we moved here for various reasons. It's just such a beautiful town, I'll never pass up the chance for a visit.

Unfortunately, the lovely old town square was overrun with a carnival (nothing exciting, think Gympie Show crammed into a town square) but we did take a walk around the rest of the town - stopping in at all the antique shops along the way of course...

So, did we find some bargains? Oh my goodness, I didn't think we were going to be able to fit it all the car! Combined with a trip to the vrije markt at Cuijk the next day, Mitch and I pretty much crossed off everything on our second hand souvenir to-buy list - which is just as well seeing as we won't be here for the next Koninginnedag markets...


A 1920's wooden sled (destined to hang on the wall in whatever house we eventually buy! We might have to test out it's more practical uses when the snow falls though :-) )... Some wooden speculaas moulds... A beautiful old tin (which will one day serve as a coffee table)... Wooden ice skates circa 1900... Some cute prints and old postcards... Gorgeous red sugar/coffee/tea tins & orange zand/zeep/soda tins (my biggest want!), a wooden handled potato masher... A large map of France (ok, that one was from an antique shop in Nijmegen)... Wooden picture blocks (also from Nijmegen and for Ollie's room one day)... And there could possibly be more - that's all my mushy brain (no-one warns you that the pregnancy brain doesn't disappear when baby arrives!) can remember for now!

--- some of the bargains ---

Wonder what the next rommelmarkt-ing experience has in store...

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