Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Beschuit met muisjes

Beschuit met muisjes is a Dutch tradition - tiny little aniseed balls eaten on buttered rusks to celebrate the birth of a new baby. Usually this is what you serve the visitors (kraambezoek) after baby is born but for some reason, we kinda forget to give them to everyone who came around to meet Oliver. Oops. It was however, the very first meal the hospital served us after Oliver was born (complete with a sandwich of all things - typically Dutch, this country LOVES their bread).

Although we forgot to take part in this particular tradition, we did however remember to have the house decorated with blue bunting and a giant fluffy stork stuck to the window to let the world know our baby boy had arrived. 

It surprised me how much attention it attracted given that you see this kind of thing everywhere - within hours of it going up, we had neighbours we didn't know ringing our doorbell with cards and to welcome us on the arrival of our baby (it was also how our landlord found out we were expecting!). 

So, beschuit met muisjes - even though we didn't serve these to our visitors in the early weeks, we didn't miss out on the tradition entirely. It's a tradition at Mitch's work for the Mother to bring in the baby in the weeks following the birth and the Father to serve plates of beschuit met muisjes in the appropriate colour to all his colleagues. We had been meaning to do this for ages but had been so busy it didn't end up happening until Oliver was 8 weeks old!!! Last week, while a certain little boy was having a decent nap, I baked up my famous cheesecake to be served with the aniseed rusks and on a very miserable rainy day, loaded Ollie up into the fietskar and cycled him into the lab.

Mitch lathered the rusks in butter and dipped them in a plate of blue muisjes...

And everyone enjoyed the tasty treats while Mr Oliver was passed around for lots of cuddles!!!!

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