Saturday, October 22, 2011

The little things...

It seems that each day I get up, blink and it's 5pm already... Compared to when I was pregnant, my days now always seem to be busy and there just aren't enough hours in them for all the things I want to achieve. With looking after & playing with Oliver, trying to get some things done around the house, catch up with friends & family both near and far and just getting out and about every day for some fresh air (& my sanity, I HATE being housebound - so not looking forward to winter already), it really is the little, often seemingly insignificant achievements that make my day. This week...

... Seeing the sweetest smiles on my son's face today when I took him out of his pram at a friends place and he spotted her little baby. His face lit up and he instantly worked up some gorgeous smiles for her, I'm looking forward to seeing how they interact as they grow up as they are very close in age.

... The kindness (or curiosity???) of a stranger when a package for Oliver was misdirected to her house and rather then sending it return to sender all the way across the other side of the world, she opened it and googled all the names on the card - finding a hit with Mitch (the advantage to having a google-able husband lol) and contacting him through work to pick up the parcel.

... My first Mum's group yesterday. I always knew that I wanted to join a Mother's group when I had kids - I didn't think that would happen though with having Oliver overseas but I'm happy to discover I was wrong. Looking forward to next time :-)

... Multi-tasking - finally figuring out a way to not only exercise and try and work off that Stroopy bulge, but also calm an unsettled Oliver. Hugabub + CD + coffee table (it's long, low and very strong) + 2 tins of baked beans and it seems I have invented my own not-so-trendy but quite practical step class with a few songs of lunges, squats & bicep curls thrown in. Happy Mum & happy baby - there is nothing Ollie loves more then snuggling up to his Mum (or Dad) and he's been asleep and happy within a song or two and I get some exercise on a rainy day without having to brave my bike when it's miserable out!

... Seeing Mr Oliver start batting at the toys on his activity gym (intentionally) for the first time. Usually he lays under it and hits them but until yesterday, I don't think it was on purpose. Now he really looks at them, reaches, touches and gurgles away happily.

... Trying new recipes. With less time to cook & bake these days (or more so, less uninterrupted time :P ), I found myself falling back to the same old, same old - which I very quickly get bored with, I love trying new meals. This week I've cooked something new every night AND even fit in some cake baking!!!!

... Finally finishing a sewing project that had been in the works for 3 weeks. Now I just need to go to the post office to send it!!!!

... And finally - watching my handsome little man sleeping peacefully :-) Oh, how I love those chubby cheeks!!!


  1. Hi Lu that sounds just like to much happiness! I've ordered my hugabub in a hurry and the first time I tried it I just didn't want to take it off! it's so comfy with bub all snuggled in :)
    I can't wait to see our two little angels meet and play together!
    warm whishes from summerland :)

  2. It's fantastic hey! Took me awhile to get used to tying it but it's just soooo comfy (and great for doing the housework in when bub is unsettled!). I am so excited about meeting miss Elea already - and I'm sure Mr Oliver is too :-)


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