Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rhine road trip - Part 1

Mitch and I had been planning to take Oliver on a little holiday as soon as we got his passport - a week in the north of France. Unfortunately though (thankfully we hadn't booked accommodation yet) I got sick and we decided to postpone the trip. When we next got the chance to go away, we figured a short little road trip might be a better idea for Mr Oliver's first holiday to see how he travels without venturing too far from home. A friend suggested the Rhine castle route to me and it was the perfect solution - only 3hrs from home, a part of Germany we had never seen - and full of medieval villages, castles and wineries!

Our first destination was Burg Eltz - a large castle high up in the forests above the Moselle river. The unusual thing about this castle is that it has been in the same family since it was built, with the current owners still occupying part of the castle. It would've been absolutely spectacular, but as our luck has it, as we walked the long road into the grounds, our first sight of the castle was of a crane :-(

Yes, as every major site in Europe that we visit seems to be, the castle was also undergoing renovations and half of it was covered in scaffolding. We arrived just in time for the English guided tour and spent some time exploring the castle - a little disappointing with the works going on, but still an impressive sight. No photos were allowed inside the castle however...

Our next destination was Sankt Goar - a little village along the Rhine where we stayed for the 2 nights. It was nice to just sit back and see the beautiful castles high above the river and watch the barges and cruise boats float by...

And of course enjoy some local delicacies - some wine tasting (well, for Mitch anyway) and a rather large German pub meal - for which Mr Oliver slept through the entire thing!

More to come...

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