Monday, October 24, 2011

Rhine road trip - Part 2

The main reason for heading down this way (other then to see how Mr Oliver travels) was to drive up and down the Rhine river and admire all the pretty castles. Day 2 of our little road trip certainly achieved this - thankfully there was no more scaffolding and we could admire the medieval castles in their full glory...

Castles, castles everywhere - they just popped up all over the place... The most notable one we saw was Marksburg Castle - the thing I loved about this place was that you can actually hire out the big kitchen/dining hall for a party. People have big medieval style feasts in here around a roaring fire - it gets hired out weekly apparently!

We also spotted the renowned 'Lorelei rock' - which, despite the massive amounts of touristic advertising for the rock in the area, it really was about as exciting as you'd expect... Just a rock with some flags on top!

More to come...

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