Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rhine road trip - Part 3

After seeing the major castles along this part of the Rhine, it was time to head towards the Moselle river. Although smaller then the Rhine, it was also busy with barges and cruise boats and the surrounding countryside dotted with castles and vineyards...

The riverside village of Cochem was the most picturesque (and touristy) in our little road trip - in the shadow of the large Cochem castle, it had half timbered houses typical of the area, lots of bakeries selling warm apple strudel and made for a lovely lunch stop. 

Our final destination before heading north to Nijmegen was Castle Burresheim.... A lot quieter then all the other castles we visited, it was possibly even more spectacular. With the clear blue skies and hardly anyone around, it seemed like the perfect place to dig out the tripod and get a family shot or two!!!

It was a really lovely weekend away - Oliver travelled so much better then what we were expecting, we think he might have his Mumma & Dadda's travel gene :-) I'm pleased we took a short trip for his first overnight travels - it was a good way to figure out exactly how much stuff we needed and what would be useful to take next time (bibs - lots of bibs!). Our grumbly little bear was full of smiles the entire weekend and slept like a champ - even sleeping through the night in his new portacot - and was really relaxed and easy going even while being carted all over the countryside. 

Can't wait to go on another little holiday - travelling is even more fun as a family of three :-)

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