Tuesday, October 4, 2011


As the weeks go on, Mr Oliver's cheeky little personality just seems to be shining through more and more. He has always been a really relaxed and happy little boy and now that he has figured out how to work his facial muscles, it's translating into LOTS of smiles!!!!! His first 'real' smile (not a gassy one) was when my sister was visiting and we were having lunch at a cafe - she handed him over to me, he looked up at me and greeted me with a sweet, eye crinkling HI MUMMA grin! (not unlike this one on his beloved change table!)

He also seems to have a fascination with the dining room cupboard... Every time we sit him in front of it in his rocker, he stares at it and works up some huge smiles! Not for me mind you, just for the cupboard!

Since then, we are getting more and more of these gorgeous grins every day! It's really turning into those social smiles - we smile at him, he smiles back and a visit to his change table or a cuddle in our bed is always met with his sweet little happy face!!! He's yet to give us a proper laugh but I don't think it'll be that far away... I might be biased but I think he is just the most gorgeous little man - even more so when he cracks one of these!!!!


  1. Very cute! I think I know where he gets all of those grins from :-P He has a rather smiley Daddy. Keep the Oliebolen updates coming! Not long until I get some cuddles!

  2. Haha yep, I'm still surprised he didn't arrive with that big smile plastered to his face, he sure takes after his Dad! Ollie says (in the form of grunt, grunt, grumble, goo) he can't wait to hang out with Aunty Tiff!!!!


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