Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A week of firsts...

Last week was a tough week - and also a week of many firsts...

... Oliver's first shower - which he loved! He has almost outgrown his baby bath (yes, we have a BIG bubba!) so figured we should probably introduce him to the shower before too long!

... First playdate - with my lovely Aussie friend and her 2 week old baby girl, also a Brisbane lady who lives in our town and was due only weeks after I was, now how's that for a small world?!?! Although our little ones didn't do much interacting (sleeping more so), I'm saying it still counts as his first play date :-)

... First nail clipping session (I quite happily let Mitch do that one! But pleased to report no tiny fingers were snipped in the process!)

... First 'dreamfeed' (ie attempt to wake sleeping baby at 11pm to feed him so he sleeps til 7am! As Mitch said, we could've taken Ollie skydiving and he still wouldn't have woken, sleepy little boy!)

... First growth spurt that was reallyyyyyyyyyyyy challenging...

... Following on from the above, first time Oliver discovered the full strength of his not-so-little lungs...

... First time I had to call Mitch at work to tell him to come home and calm the crying baby... but there was a whole another reason behind that which was...

... First bout of mastitis  :-( Ah yes, the dreaded m-word that makes every breastfeeding Mother shudder. Teamed with another infection (that Oliver also caught) thanks to all the antibiotics Oliver and I were on after he was born, it was not a fun experience and I became chained to the frightening, hospital grade pump - and so my life as a dairy cow began... So I must say, I am happy to be on the mend!!!!! I am so thankful I have a husband that works so close to home and is not only able to drop everything and come help me out at the drop of a hat, but is so willing to help out in every way he can - Mitch, you are awesome :-)

... Oh and one last one - Oliver's very first bottle! He took to it like a champ (although I suspect by the way he happily sighed and clung onto me when I started breastfeeding him again, he much prefers his Mumma to a bottle :-) ) and gazed up into his Dadda's eyes for every feed...


  1. Hey Lu,
    Ouch!! That must have hurt, I hope you are feeling better now. How was your time with your sister?

  2. I'm feeling so much better Selina, it's nice to be back to normal and out and about again! It was so lovely having Kim here - we were sad to see her go, the 2 weeks went by SO quickly! It was just really nice having the company and the extra help with Ollie too. Makes me want to go back to Aus for a visit now :-) Hope you're doing well xo


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