Thursday, November 24, 2011

Couch potato

When Oliver was a whole lot smaller, he loved tummy time! He'd happily lay on his tummy and exercise his neck muscles for the 10 minutes a day the kraamzorg told us to do with him.

One day however, he suddenly decided that he no longer liked tummy time - the second I'd pop him face down he'd scream and scream and wouldn't stop until I cuddled him. I tried doing it in different places like on his change mat (placed on the floor with me), on our bed, even on the couch, where he showed his couch potato side and decided to just chill and watch Dr Phil instead... I reckon he'd watch tv all day long if he was allowed!

When I took him to the consulatiebureau for his 3 month vaccinations, I asked the paediatrician about his aversion to tummy time. Although he's holding his own head up with enough strength for his age, she was pretty adamant that I MUST give him tummy time 4-5 times a day even if he screams through it :-( Although I was a bit hesitant (Oliver tears = Mumma tears) I figured the benefits will be worth it and decided to persevere, now trying with a towel rolled up under his chest and distracting him constantly with toys and noise.

Well, much to my surprise....

It's been working!!!!

With distractions such as squeaky toys, reading him a story (thanks Aunty Tiff!!!), singing and his personal favourite - talking in a high pitched voice - tummy time isn't such an evil anymore. He's even managed a few smiles while grunting away!!!

He's getting better and better every day too, managing longer periods of time before the tears begin. Although sometimes, he just gives up and pops his head down on the side and just stares at me... He's such a little couch potato sometimes!!!

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