Tuesday, November 8, 2011


It feels like autumn - and all it's glorious colours - has been all too short this year. Last year I remember weeks and weeks of clear blue skies, crisp bike rides through the forests and red & orange leaves that slowly fell to the ground. This year it felt like all the autumn goodness was over very quickly - the trees are pretty much bare, the skies are now grey and it feels like winter is on the way again :-( 

Last weekend we decided to make the most of the last of the autumn leaves and go for a lazy cycle in our local area. Unfortunately it was a cold, grey day and most of the leaves were on the ground but it was still good to get some exercise before it's too cold to go for these types of bike rides!

Mr Oliver was just a teenyyyy bit excited about the prospect of going in his fietskar yet again...

And before long, we were out of Nijmegen and into the countryside!!!!

We even came across this cool looking castle-y hotel/restaurant place...

A little further on, it was time for a rest break in a cafe... Which involved the lengthy process of locking up 4 bikes + a fietskar where there was no bike parking available...

Ollie loved having a break from his trailer and gave us lots of those gorgeous big smiles of his (some of which tend to get hidden by his many layers of clothes!!!).

Other then the weather getting colder, the worst thing about coming into winter is how early it becomes dark :-( We were home at a reasonable hour yet it was already dark and miserable - and it's only going to get worse as the months progress... Hurry up spring, I want to do more fietsen in the warmth!!!

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