Friday, November 4, 2011

The land of the little - Madurodam

Madurodam is yet another one of those places that was on our Holland travel wish list - I mean, who isn't taken in by MINIATURES!!!!! When I read that Madurodam was closing in October until April next year for renovations, I quickly realised that if we didn't go now, we would never get to see it - well, not in the near future anyway as I'm sure we'll be back one day to show Oliver where he was born.

First impressions: it seemed small but once we started walking around, I realised there was a fair bit crammed into the space. It definitely needs the renovations - the displays are showing their age - but it was still pretty cool too see, especially as we've actually been to a lot of these places.

There was even a little bit of Nijmegen!!!!

And our miniature human was loving being a giant in the land of the little - he's such a happy, smiley little guy!!!

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