Thursday, November 3, 2011

More sightseeing - Batavia replica, Lelystad

On the way to the Zuiderzee museum we passed 'Bataviastad' which twigged my memory - a replica of the Batavia, a Dutch ship that sank off the coast of Western Australia in 1629, had been rebuilt here in Lelystad. It was something I had been wanting to visit but didn't realise that it was up this way. After crossing the loooong dijk on the way home, we decided to make the most of being in this part of the country and see if we could visit the Batavia before closing time.

We were in luck!!! After getting lost in the Bataviastad shopping mall (which I want to go back to - it had awesome shops!!!), we found the museum. There was an indoor part which wasn't all that interesting but outside you could see how they rebuild these old ships and climb up the scaffolding on another boat being rebuilt.

The Batavia replica was impressive - it reminded me of some of the boats we saw at Sail Amsterdam 2010 - and the best part was that we were free to explore it all at our own pace.

It was a little difficult climbing all over the boat (with the narrow ladders and all) with Mr Oliver strapped to me but I still got a good look around.

There's a bit of an interesting story behind the Batavia and I remember reading a fiction novel about the shipwreck and subsequent mutiny when I was in high school. There's also a section dedicated to it in the Fremantle shipping museum in WA where I visited as a child. I actually remember the museum and it was interesting to actually see what the ship would've looked like - and although it's another place crossed off our Holland travel wish list, it still doesn't feel like the list is getting any smaller. Too much to see, too little time left...

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