Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Déjà vu - Strasbourg, France

It was a strange feeling of deja vu earlier this week - almost one year to the date, we were back in Strasbourg again! Mitch had to be in Switzerland this week for work (and of course our Christmas holidays!) and seeing as it was Mr Oliver's first big road trip, we decided to break it up a little and spend the night in Strasbourg.

The trip down was exactly the same as last year, right down to where we took our rest breaks - just minus all the snow :-( It made for a smoother drive but I have to say, it just doesn't feel all that Christmas-y when it's freezing out but it's not snowing!!! Ollie slept most of the car trip (giggling and shrieking at the world flying by when he was awake) and was soooooo excited to be out of his car seat on rest breaks!!!

Once we arrived in Strasbourg, we took some time exploring the busy Christmas markets and enjoying some French treats - vin chaud and nutella crepes make my day :-)

Strasbourg was just as lovely as last year - but I have to say, it was nice to have our little boy here instead of just morning sickness... 

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