Tuesday, December 6, 2011


This time last year, I was excitedly watching it snow outside... It was such a novelty - being a Qld girl, the idea that I can sit in my very own living room, listening to Christmas carols and watching it snow outside is pretty exciting!!!

The excitement was heightened when on the weekend before Sinterklaas, we were driving to go buy a Christmas tree (because we pleaded ignorance and put ours up 'early' ie before 5 December) and spotted a bunch of people ice skating on a local lake. Having taken figure skating lessons years ago and loving any excuse to get on the ice, this was the ultimate winter experience for me - ice skating on a natural lake in our own town!!!

The view from our place this year however - NOTHING!!!! The only thing even resembling snow was the bizarre 1 minute ice storm (I guess I should call it a hail storm) while a friend and I were on a walk yesterday.

I anxiously check the weather forecast every day but it's just been rain, rain and more rain. The temperatures just aren't low enough for it to turn into snow, let alone freeze the lakes for ice skating - for once I am actually wishing for colder temperatures! I love our life in the Netherlands but the biggest downside here for me is the weather. It's awful - the temperatures are still cold but we don't have any pretty snow outside to make the cold worthwhile!!!

We are leaving shortly for Christmas holidays in Switzerland, with a short stopover in France. I have given up all hope of it snowing at home before we leave :-( I haven't started packing yet except to dig out our ski jackets & pants, ski gloves & Ollie's little snowsuit - so all I can say is there better be snow in Switzerland or I'm gonna be buying us a can of fake snow to make snow angels in :P

Bring on the holidays!!!

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