Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a city that has been on my travel to-see list for a few years now - it honestly was my main motivation for wanting to visit Croatia, which is why we hired a villa on the Dubrovnik Riviera. Because of my hospital scare and the doctors orders of staying off my feet as much as possible, Mitch and I didn't quite get as much time in Dubrovnik city as I would have liked. But, I do feel like we saw enough - the old town is quite tiny.

We took a boat from Cavtat into the old town in the cool of the afternoon one day and met up with our friends who had headed in earlier.

After a nice refreshing granita, we took a leisurely stroll around the city and enjoyed the sights - narrow little alleyways, beautiful old buildings and tourists galore.

Once I'd reached my walking limit, Mitch headed up onto the old city walls for a walk before dinner and of course, some photo taking!

I feel like I can cross Dubrovnik off my travel to-see list now - I'm pleased to have seen it, even despite the somewhat stressful circumstances!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hello, Stroopy....

It was a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon (I'm wondering where summer has gone?!?!?!) in Nijmegen last weekend and so Mitch and I decided to play around with some belly shots indoors. The little boef wasn't being particularly cooperative at first and was sticking his/her bottom out - making the bump look very unusual - but after a nice cold drink, Stroops moved back into a good position and we got a few fun shots of the rapidly expanding bump.

31 weeks - hello, Stroopy...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why is this so fascinating?

Bombed, bullet ridden buildings - once the splendor of the riviera, this huge hotel is now in ruins after the 1990's war in Croatia. Someone told us about it and naturally we were all curious, so decided to take a quick peek - it was eerie but just as equally fascinating to see. Certainly makes one appreciate how easy life in Australia is, that's for sure...

Relaxing on the Dubrovnik Riviera

Part of the reason we chose to go to Croatia for our summer holiday was to relax... Our holiday might not have had a relaxing beginning, but we still managed to kick back and get in some beach time - I couldn't think of a more perfect location...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Montenegro: traveling to a new country for...

Montenegro - our visit here was for the sole purpose of... DINNER!!! Yes, that's right - traveling to an entirely new country in order to eat... While on holidays in Croatia, someone recommended a particular restaurant to us in neighbouring Montenegro. Seeing as we had a car and the border wasn't particularly far away, it seemed like a great idea to get a new stamp in the passport and enjoy some more tasty food.

For awhile there, I wondered if we would actually make it over the border - seeing as these countries are not part of the EU, border control actually exists down here (unlike where we live where you can drive between countries without getting your passport checked). We accidentally drove a little too far over the border, not stopping quite in time for the customs check and for a couple of moments (well, until we reversed) I was envisaging us being chased through no-mans land with machine gun touting customs officials... Lets just say the customs lady wasn't particularly impressed that we were having a giggle at our error, but after checking our papers & searching the boot, we were on our way through no-mans land before crossing border control for Montenegro.

First impressions of this country that none of us knew anything about - it honestly felt like we were back in Nepal. The falling apart roadside stalls, lush jungle-y forests and devastated buildings made it feel more like we were in a developing country, rather then Europe. As we drove on, I think we all began to wonder about this supposed 'romantic' restaurant we were going to eat at - surely there couldn't be anywhere decent to eat in a place like this???

Just before Sean ran out of directions (yes, our tom tom is named Sean - shaken, not stirred), this gorgeous lake & mountains came into view... Along with two very friendly Montenegrin dogs!

Before long, we had reached our restaurant and it definitely lived up to my expectations - with a beautiful old stone building, an outdoor eating area, streams, ponds, ducklings, water mills & boats, it was a pretty special setting for a delicious meal.

So there you have it - traveling to a new country for the sole purpose of dinner... It was definitely worth the effort!!!


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