Friday, January 27, 2012

Home is...

Lately I've been thinking an awful lot about home - what it means and where it is. Since 2007, we haven't really settled anywhere - with moving temporarily to France, then back to Australia (always with the intention of moving on again after PhD) and now with our time in the Netherlands coming to an end, it's gotten me thinking...

When we lived in France, homesickness for Australia set in shortly after New Years - the excitement of our big Christmas holiday was over, the weather was dreary and we were past the half way point, being on the countdown to our Eurotrip and return to Australia. Living in Holland however, I haven't felt overly homesick. That's not to say I haven't missed people - because boy, I have! (I honestly don't know how people did this whole expat thing in the pre-skype days!) but I hadn't actually been missing Australia itself, not like when we were in France anyway.

It wasn't until a couple of days after we returned to Australia when it suddenly hit me what I'd been missing. The warmth, the sunshine, the language (even the good old occa Aussie accent), the wide open spaces... Yet, I also felt a (teeny) bit homesick for Holland as well...

To a certain degree, Holland has become home in the past couple of years - not our permanent home, but home for now. We've had some amazing experiences here, met some fantastic people and more personally, I have discovered so much more about who I am and where I've come from. Living in the country my Dad was born in and discovering my roots really has been fulfilling, not to mention the best part of the past 2 years... Welcoming our sweet baby boy into the world :-) I know that sometimes having a baby can be socially isolating but I have to say, since having Oliver I have found it to be the complete opposite. It's amazing the people you meet when you have children and the places you can go. Oliver and I keep busy and I really feel that we are in a nice little run of things - only to now be leaving in a couple of months...

Yes, we are about to embark on another journey - this coming March, Mitch, Oliver and I are moving to the USA! Over the past months we felt drawn to moving overseas again, and so with Mitch being offered his dream job near San Francisco - well, we figured it's time for a new adventure! Despite our desire to explore that part of the world, it wasn't a decision we took lightly - there are a lot more considerations with travelling and living overseas as a young family compared to just a care free couple, but with the way that everything just fell into place, we really feel that this is where God wants us to go. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and I am so looking forward to seeing what life in California has to offer... We've never lived as expats in an English speaking country before but I still think there is going to be an element of culture shock!

Home... In the early days after Oliver was born as I was sitting on the couch feeding him, I used to hear this song come on the TV time and time again. I guess it really sums up how I have been feeling - home for me isn't actually a place - although my heart will always remain in Australia, home is wherever I am with my boys :-)

7 weeks and counting - I can't wait to begin our new adventure in California!!!


  1. Hey Lu,
    Happy Australia Day for yesterday!!
    It's funny how we appreciate our country much more when we aren't in it.
    I am looking forward to hearing all about your next adventures

  2. Happy Australia Day Selina, did you have a nice day? I hear it has been flooding in parts of Brisbane again? I hope you're not affected by all this rain! Have a great weekend :-)


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