Sunday, January 15, 2012


A few weeks ago, Mitch, Oliver and I were super sneaky and pulled off the ultimate Christmas surprise!!!

While our parents thought we were still playing around in the snow in Switzerland (I had a fake Christmas itinerary and everything to make it more convincing!)...

We were in fact making the 900km drive home to the Netherlands from Switzerland a couple of weeks earlier then 'planned'... After 24hours at home to wash and pack, our big drive was followed by the 30+ hours it took to fly from Amsterdam to Brisbane, via Dubai & Singapore - Mr Oliver's very first plane trip!!! (eeek... Just realised how shattered I look in this shot despite it being our first leg of the journey!)

While Mum & my sister (who was in on the surprise) were emailing me about organising a time to skype, we were driving up from Brisbane to Gympie with my sister, niece and nephews... 

My sister dripped us a little way back from the house and drove down the drive without us - just in case Mum had any suspicions at all, we figured they would soon be forgotten if we didn't hop out of the car...

5 minutes later, we walked (walked/pranced? I was pretty excited!) down the driveway only to discover that NO-ONE saw us coming...

I walked straight past my Dad (never saw us), my sister told me turn around - he then saw me - well I'll be buggered...

I walked inside... Mum was in the kitchen (which has full views of the driveway) but she never looked up and hadn't seen us... I basically walked up to her from behind - hi Mum! Merry Christmas! and gave her a hug...

And probably the hugest shock!!!

I hadn't seen my Mum in almost 2 years - March 11, 2010 was when we were last on Aussie soil - and none of our family (except my eldest sister who came to help out after Oliver was born) had met our sweet baby boy. It was SO good to finally be able to show him off to everyone in the flesh - skype is pretty awesome, but in person is just so much better!

Thanks to everyone who helped make the surprise happen... It truly was the ultimate Christmas surprise (one which we replicated later that day with Mitch's parents) and we had the most amazing, whirlwind 3 week holiday in Australia - lots of very special memories were made and it's a Christmas I'll never forget :-) ...

...Oh and I have to say, I loved my 10 year old nephew's thoughts on our surprise arrival - he told me days later that he thought we were coming over, but would be sitting under the tree on Christmas morning with the Christmas presents :-) Good guessing Lochie - you were very close!!!


  1. A very nice surprise I'm sure they will remember for a long time. Love your Dad's response!

  2. Hey Lu,
    That is awesome how well you pulled that off. I'm impressed.
    Have a great day,

  3. That is so sweet! What an amazing gift for your family. And I loved all the photos in your more recent post. Looks like you all had a ball.


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