Friday, January 27, 2012

Weekend - yes, please!

Ahhhh... It has been one of 'those' weeks!!! It's a bit of an understatement to say that I'm pleased it's the weekend - it couldn't come soon enough!!!

With a super grumpy baby who resembles a St Bernard with the amount of drool coming out of his mouth, not to mention the toys he seems to be destructing with his gummy chomp (teething?!?! - please, please, please let there be a toothy peg in there!!!!), an overtired Mumma who has a pre-move 'To Do' list the size of Mt Everest, a sick Dadda who not only has an icky head cold but has begun the painful process of some well overdue dental work (figured it was time to make the most of our insurance and get his tooth crowned - a process that began with a root canal almost 8 years ago but stopped when the 'temporary' cap just kept going), and a house that is a bit of a disaster zone (thanks to much culling and packing in preparation for the movers) we are all a bit over it. Bring on the weekend - and some sleep I say.

In the first 4 months of Oliver's life, we were blessed with an excellent sleeper. Even as a newborn, we were getting 8 (broken) hours of sleep a night and when he started sleeping right through the night at 8 weeks old, we thought we were set. Well... Lots of travelling & a spot of baby jetlag means our sweet bubba boy is not only a grump at the moment but isn't sleeping at night! While I was feeling exhausted and sleep deprived, this website put a smile on my face once again. In those early hours of the morning, we tend to relent and Mr Oliver joins us in bed so we can get some sleep...

As you can probably tell by the positions of our pillows, he has already figured out how to take over the entire bed (although this seems to have been his preferred sleeping position this week)...

As much as the lack of sleep sucks (oh and it does - it really does!), he's just so darn sweet it all makes up for it... He's started saying Mama (is that even possible for a 5 month old? I don't know if he knows what he's saying, but I just melt when I hear it) and really, who can resist this face :-) 

Oh, how I love that cheeky grin!!!


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  2. Hey Lu,
    Hope you are having a good day, sounds like fun!! Oliver is very very cute though!
    There has been heaps of rain here, it is incredible how it is so heavy and just keeps on pouring. I haven't been too affected, my house is pretty good, and I can make it to work, but lots of my workmates have been cut off, and can't get there. But the patients can't get to the hospital either, so it is pretty quiet.
    Tomorrow I am flying to Melbourne for a week!! Yay!! I have never been there and am sooo looking forward to it. I am going to a workshop for work (so it's all paid for!!) but am hoping to get to see a bit of the city too. At least the chocolate shops anyway.
    Have a good week,
    I hope you get some more sleep,

  3. Hi there Lu!! If you need any survival tips for sleeplessness - just ask! Byron still wakes through the night :)) Hope cute little drooley guy aka Oliver gets back in the sleep groove! Love lots, Martine

  4. Selina - wow it does sound wet in Bris at the moment!!! Enjoy your week in Melbourne, you will love it there I'm sure - so much good food, sights and... Shopping!!! :) Make sure you take a trip to Koko Black, it's an awesome chocolate cafe, you will prob have to line up to get in but it's soooo worth it.

    Thanks Tia :) We might just have to have a chat about that soon! I'm hoping it's just a passing phase and he'll be back to normal soon, he was a bit better last night thank goodness but I think that was cos we were out all day/night and he partied til 9pm (smiling happily til he crashed) so was so exhausted he slept well. He's such a cheeky boy! Hope you're having a great weekend, I can't wait to see pics of Byron's party!

  5. Hi Lu, Wow how time has flown. Oliver is absolutely adorable! Thanks for the sentiments, I am new to the blogging scene but so far its been fun. Your photos are gorgeous, you sure have a keen eye. :) Take Care, Tanya

  6. Hi Lu,
    The sleep story is so recognizable for me! And the photo of Oliver in the big bed, soooo cute. Joris always wakes up earlier than we would like him too so sometimes he sleeps another hour or so in our bed. And he takes up a lot of space :)
    I will keep following you guys.

  7. And that website with baby sleep positions: hilarious! :D
    Love, Suzan

  8. Tanya - thanks :) I have to admit, all photo credit (well the decent ones anyway, the blurry ones are all from my phone or point n shoot lol) goes to Mitch though, I can't work his camera to save my life! Happy blogging :)

  9. Suzan - Thanks for popping in!!! Mitch said he saw some photos of Joris yesterday, I am looking forward to seeing him again before we leave, I bet he has grown heaps! The sleepless nights are fun hey :P Oliver actually just cut 2 teeth after I posted that so I am hoping (fingers crossed) that it's the reason for his lack of sleep! Have a great day :-)


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