Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All good things...

I have to admit, on Sunday I was feeling a tiny bit sad... Why? Because with the movers coming this week, last weekend was our final chance to take our lovely fiets for a spin in Flatland. Our last family ride, through the bike friendly streets and forests, a tradition that has been one of my favourite things in our two years here. And not to mention, it was also my last chance to go for another ice skate...

It was another bitterly cold day so we rugged up Mr Oliver...

... hooked up the fietskar and off we went!!!

After we'd ridden far enough to lull Ollie into his afternoon nap, it was time to go for my final Dutch skate :-(

This time we went to a different pond - although the closer one was great, I much preferred this one! It wasn't as busy, there were lots of little spots for me to skate on my own and not just around and around... I finally found my skating legs again (perhaps it was last Sunday's fall that snapped me back into it?) and although I wasn't quite confident enough to try any jumps or spins, I could do 3 turns, waltz and even mohawk (yes I am a little proud I could also remember the technical terms lol). 

After a short ride through some local forest where there was still some patches of snow around, it was time to call it quits and head home - I was feeling really quite sad the whole ride home... My bike has just been serviced and was so nice and smooth to ride, I am reallyyyyy wishing it didn't have to be shipped tomorrow! 

But as they say... all good things must come to an end! On the plus side, we did some googling and discovered that there are loads of not only dedicated bike paths, but also biking trails near our new home in California. The San Francisco Bay trail looks particularly appealing... It's going to be a shock the moment we come across any kind of incline but I can't wait to go fietsen once more!


  1. love the pics lu, here is to a new adventure for you all! :)love Martine

  2. Thanks Tia, I'm looking forward to it :-) Have a great day! xo


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