Friday, February 24, 2012

Aunties = awesome

Oliver is a lucky little man. Not only has he got a bunch of awesome Aunties & Uncles back in Australia, he is also blessed to have a few surrogate 'Aunties'... The women who mean so much to me in my life have also taken on a special role in my son's life. Although I don't get to see my best friends as much as I would like (the downside to living an expat life), I love that they are able to be an important part of Oliver's life through my favourite invention ever - skype!

This past week we were lucky enough to have a visit from one of Oliver's 'Aunties' - Aunty Tiff!!! From that first meeting when he was only 10 weeks old, Oliver has always had a soft spot for Tiff. His gaze follows her wherever she goes in a room and when she is out of sight, he gets antsy. I love seeing you guys interact and hearing Oliver in fits of Tiff induced giggles (we always knew your sound effect skills would come in handy one day!) - thanks for not only a lovely week, but all your of chats, physical help & support as I've been getting used to this new role of being a Mum :-)

You don't necessarily have to be related by blood to be a great Aunty... Ollie and I love you guys, both near and far - thanks for making us both smile :-)


  1. ahh bit of a teary here! Your little boy is so lovely. He knows how to make me smile from ear to ear. A constant source of laughs and joy. Thank you for letting me be part of his life. I'm going to miss you guys so much when you embark on your new adventure but I know it won't be long before we see you guys again. xo

  2. Nawww so glad you guys could get together again :D Wish I could have been there, he is such a cute little fella!! We're proud and very lucky to be part of your extended surrogate family :D

  3. :-) I am so looking forward to August already! I can't wait for us to all hang out again and celebrate the sweetest baby boy turning 1... Lots of skypes required in the meantime though :-)


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