Monday, February 6, 2012

A happy little customer

Our highchair search finally came to an end last weekend! We had been umming and ahhing over a couple of chairs all week but after shopping round the baby stores, our decision was made.

Mr Oliver supervised the construction...

And is now happily sitting with us at the dinner table!

He is seeming so much more grown up now that he's not perched in his bumbo on the tabletop!!!

*raises hand*  waiter, over here please...

He's a happy little customer indeed :-)


  1. hi Lu,
    We also got one of those tripp trapp chairs! Oliver looks really cute and a big boy sitting in it!

  2. Ahh, nice choice! I'm sure Joris will like his as much as Oliver, I'm really happy we bought it. Mitch sent me the link for Joris's albums - wow, he has grown up!!! By the looks of it, it won't be long before he is on the move rolling right over. Such a cute little guy!

  3. so cute!! love the "waiter over here photo"! Must skype soon! Sorry haven't got there yet - the all day sickness has been bad!! lots of love, Martine

  4. That's ok Tia, I can understand how it feels now :) (although, not the all day part!). Put your feet up, take it easy and drink some ginger tea :-) Love lots xo


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