Friday, February 24, 2012

Not just another Dutch castle - Muiderslot...

We've been to a few Dutch castles over the past couple of years - some more then once, but all were quite pretty (albeit slightly similar after awhile). Castles are something that I'll never tire of - it's not exactly something you come across in Australia and I love wandering around castle grounds, day dreaming of battles fought and knights and fair maidens...

Last weekend we made the trip to Muiderslot castle, located not far from Amsterdam. Visiting Muiderslot wasn't just going to see yet another Dutch castle for me - this castle was where my Granddad was imprisoned at the beginning of WW2. Apparently he was held here by the Germans for 2-3 weeks before signing an agreement to 'obey' before being released, making it home just in time for his son's birthday.

I asked a few of the staff if they had any information regarding the castle during WW2 but no-one knew very much. Apparently there was a very precious book with the signatures of the officers here during WW2 but it was for private viewing only and we weren't there at the right time. Nonetheless, it was still eye opening to just wander around and try to imaging not only the castle in it's medieval glory, but what it must have been like for Granddad John to have been held here against his will. Honestly though, I don't think any stretch of my imagination could envisage what Holland must have been like during this time - it's hard to imagine a beautiful place like this castle being anything but serene.

We wandered around the rooms, gazed out the tower windows, carrying a very heavy baby up and down flights upon flights of narrow stone staircases (why oh why did I not remember the sling?!?!)...

Oh and Mr Oliver even participated in a bit of medieval fun!


  1. haha! love the photos of Oliver in the costumes :)) so cute! Hope the packing is going good and lets skype soon!! love lots, Martine

  2. Hehe me too! Packing is all done - movers have been and gone last week, now we are living out of suitcases! Skype one day next week - we've got visitors til Monday, how about after then? Hope the all day sickness is easing off! Love lots xoxo


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